Green Tree Cottage

Work Study

Green Tree Cottage

Green Tree Cottage is a vacation home located in Guerneville, California. This charming cottage was recently renovated and listed on a short-term rental website (Airbnb) as well as with a local property management company.

Initial Consultation

Green Tree Cottage is an ideal vacation retreat set in northern coastal California located within close proximity to many outdoor activities, restaurants, and shopping. The owner requested we develop a branding identity for the cottage which invoked feelings of camping in the woods while relaxing in comfort. The website needed to feature the many onsite amenities as well as nearby outdoor activities, shopping and dining opportunities. Green Tree Cottage is listed with a local property management company and marketed on Airbnb.

  • Create  brand identity and positioning
  • Create a visually appealing online presence to showcase the many benefits of the property
  • Include easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to make a reservation through Airbnb
  • Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Provide device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Airbnb Linkage


The property owner came to Media Smart Guys to design a website, social media pages, and include linkage for visitors to make a reservation. Our team was tasked with assembling a list of the property amenities, edit photographs, research near-by attractions, and edit the information into a user-friendly package which was entertaining and informative. The new website had to load quickly and allow for easy navigation. To accomplish this, we developed a logical flow of information through the site, and provided an intuitive menu system for visitors to follow. Numerous links and buttons are provided to permit visitors to make a conversion to Airbnb, or the property management company.

Image of wireframe for Green Tree Cottage
Home page breakdown

Style Concepts

Green Tree Cottage requested a website to market their rental property. They came to Media Smart Guys to create a logo, branding, descriptive icons, and a visually immersive website.

Our goal was to create an engaging, intuitive design to showcase property features and enhance the marketing efforts of a local property management firm and Airbnb listing. We selected a font to create the logo which was heavy, and readily associated with a cabin or cottage in the woods. Icons are an important visual element throughout the site.

We wanted the site to be an experience which allowed a visitor to feel as if they were at the property on vacation. The use of full-screen graphics and a photograph gallery would present information in an entertaining format. The site colors would reflect the property’s name to include greens, browns, and a warm, sunny orange. Information would be presented in a summary format through the use of icons. A scrolling format is proposed  to allow the visitor to "discover" property details. The numerous Airbnb buttons/links and a contact form provide an easy method for a person to make a reservation or request more information.

Project Completion

The new website showcases the many features of the property a visitor could enjoy. It is visually immersive and presents information in an entertaining format. Media Smart Guys created a website with a complete branding strategy, in a simple to use scrolling format which is an experience.