Talk to the Fan

Work Study

Talk to the Fan

Talk to the Fan™ is the creation of Doug Cureton and reflects his keen sense of wit and humor. His take on the traditional hand-held fan is anything but traditional. These eye-catching fans are an easy way to send someone a compliment or leave them in the shade. The fans are very popular at social events where they can be used to keep cool and send a message "with a twist of the wrist!"

Initial Consultation

Talk to the Fan™ presented out team with new challenges which we embraced and discovered new skills to add to our list! Doug had a great idea to create a series of hand fans which also served to communicate a message. We partnered with Doug to research fan designs, created patterns and then worked with a supplier to make the final product for retail sale. Doug wanted an imaginative way to present the fans to potential customers, and a cost-effective way to sell the fans online as well as within his retail store, “Some Men Like It Haute™”.


• Create brand identity and positioning
• Develop a visually appealing eCommerce platform for selling product to their online customers
• Implement a fully responsive solution backed by 3dcart
• Include easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to make a purchase
• Create social media profiles
• Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic


• Brand Positioning
• Information Architecture
• Content Strategy
• 3dcart eCommerce Platform
• Mobile Accessibility
• SEO & Analytics
• Social Media Integration
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Product Inventory and Order Fulfillment


This project required consideration for the end-user experience and the ability of the store manager to manage product inventory, process orders, and provide customer support. We relied on 3dcart’s eCommerce platform to meet these requirements. Our team worked with the client to select a theme which would provide a visually appealing layout, clear product navigation, and a quick checkout experience. The website would need to be responsive to meet the demands of mobile users. We developed an end-user pathway through the site from the customers selection of a fan through placing the final order. We designated categories for the various fan options to provide easy selection of available fan options.

Wireframe for Talk to the Fan

Style Concepts

Talk to the Fan requested an eCommerce website to market their custom hand fans. We created a logo for the brand which the owner suggested adding a rainbow effect to the speech bubble. The branding was to convey a useful product with a fun, witty twist. The site was to be engaging, develop a social media following, and allow the end-user to quickly select a fan and check out.

We decided to create the eCommerce site using the 3dcart platform to allow for maximum customization of the site theme with the clients’ content and still provide and end-user with clear options for making a purchase.

The client provided photographs from recent events to showcase the fans with actual customers. This permitted us to complete the branding by tying the product over to the consumer. The color palette was based on the color options of the fans (red, black, and white). The numerous conversion points allow for a customer to take an action and continue forward to purchase with clear prompts for a action.

Project Completion

The completed eCommerce site showcases the fans with individual images of each, and photographs taken at events of customers enjoying their fans. The site is visually immersive and presents the information in a logical format based on categories (color of fabric and phrase). The user-interface is intuitive and provides the "next steps" a customer would take to complete an order.