Three Tips for DIY Websites

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Media Smart Guys realize hiring a professional website developer may not be possible for a small business or new venture. We are here to help you with insightful tips which will help you create your first successful website. Creating a website is not a simple task and will require a lot of planning and collecting information which a visitor will find useful. This post will focus on the three “required” elements for every website.

People go to websites seeking information. We start the design process by focusing on this fact and incorporate these three important elements within every design. This information needs to be “above the fold“, highly visible, and easily read. The term “above the fold” refers back to print newspapers. The breaking news or most important information was printed “above the fold” of the paper so as to be easily seen. A person glancing at the newspaper would be able to quickly determine if the article was of interest to them or not. We apply this practice in our website design.

The three elements we focus on first in design are known as “NAP“; name, address, and phone number.

First, include the name of your business, or logo to the top left or centered on every page. This confirms to the visitor they are viewing the correct site. A logo reinforces your branding and establishes a connection with your customer base. Include your tag line here if applicable for your business.

Secondly, we recommend you provide the address if your business has a “brick and mortar” presence. A potential customer/client will want to know where you are located. This information should also appear “above the fold” and as close to the top of the page as possible in your design. Again, we need to keep in mind what information a person would want when visiting your site. The physical location of your business is very important.

Last, we always include a way for a potential customer/client to make contact with your business. Typically, this is a phone number to your business. Provide a means for potential customers/clients to reach your business with questions which will provide them with a timely response. A phone call can make the difference between converting a site visitor to a customer/client. Don’t miss this opportunity. At the very least, provide a link over to a user-friendly contact form which is easy to complete. Return all messages within one to two business days.

Keep these three elements in mind when designing your own website. Please contact us if you reach a point where you need some assistance. We can review your website and make recommendations. Sometimes, a DIY project can benefit greatly with a little hap from a professional. We’re here if you need some help to work through a challenge. Use our contact form to send us a request, we will research the concern and reply with a solution.


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